Dr. TopicOils: Alopecia Hair Growth Products That Work (Alopecia Areata)



From our customer in Durham, NC
"Praise report! For those of you following my baby’s alopecia journey… here’s an update! And yes, I received her permission to post. I stand by Dr Topic Oil’s Alopecia Repair Balm ❤️!"


A client came to us looking for help for her daughter.  Her daughter has very thick hair that has always been pretty healthy.  The client started to notice a small, bald spot in the top of her daughter's head.  She did not think that it was anything medically wrong, but when the small spot started to widen and become more noticeable, she decided to see a dermatologist.

The dermatologist diagnosed her daughter with Alopecia Areata.  Receiving this diagnosis was very scary as her daughter is a grade schooler.  The dermatological treatment that was recommended was steroid injections.  Understandably, my client felt VERY uneasy about putting needles into her daughter's scalp, so she reached out to Dr. TopicOils for help.  

Dr. TopicOils evaluated her daughter's scalp to ensure that it was healthy and free of inflammation and redness.  Dr. TopicOils Alopecia Repair Balm Growth Kit was the restorative hair growth kit that was recommended to this client for Alopecia Areata. 

After using Dr. TopicOils Alopecia Repair Balm Growth Kit for 4 months, the bald spot on her daughter's scalp was completely filled in and covered with hair .  She no longer needed to used creative styling to cover up or camouflage the bald spot. 

Dr. TopicOils is here to help you with Alopecia Areata and bald spots.  Dr. TopicOils has restorative hair growth formulas that work!  


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