Dr. TopicOils: How I Grew My Hair Back (Stress-Related Hair Loss)



A master cosmetologist from Atlanta contacted me because she was experiencing hair loss and bald spots.  She was looking for a natural, hair growth serum to help to fill in a large bald spot that she had at the front her head.  She had been trying to cover it for some time, but the amount of hair that she was losing was very concerning for her.  She sent me pictures of her hair falling out by the handfuls.  She did not have a medical condition or hair loss due to side effects from medication. Her hair loss was stress-related.

We immediately spoke about the condition of her scalp, and we were able to find a Natural, Restorative Hair Growth Solution for her: Dr. TopicOils Edge Miracle Serum.  

This client used Dr. TopicOils Edge Miracle Serum for about 2 months to fully grow in her bald spot.  She started to see growth in the sparse areas after 21 days of use.  After her hair completely filled in, she was not subconscious about wearing her hair out for others to see.  Her hair was healthier looking, shinier and growing after using Dr. TopicOils!

Dr. TopicOils Client: Thank you for trusting us with your Hair Growth Needs!

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