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Dr. TopicOils: My Hair Will Not Grow! (Slow Growth)

Dr. TopicOils Alopecia Repair Balm

"My hair just won't grow!"

For decades, I have heard this complaint from many women.  I have listened to stories from women who lost their hair after childbirth, lost their hair after surgery, lost their hair after a terrible chemical treatment at a salon and lost their hair after COVID.  Losing hair is a very emotional experience.  


I understand your story because I AM YOU!  For years, my hair would NOT grow past a certain length.  When it started to grow, it was always very dry and brittle, and it would start to shed.  I would see my hair all around the sink and on my comb/brush.   Trying to find a Healthy Hair Care Regimen that worked for my hair has left me with a graveyard of products that just DID NOT work for me!  Trial and Error costs a lot of money!  


Dr. TopicOils Alopecia Repair Balm changed my life, and it gave me my hair back.  Now, my hair is healthy, growing, strong and thick!   Dr. TopicOils Restorative Hair Growth Formulas work! #DrTopicOils


I am a person who does not believe what people tell me about hair growth formulas UNLESS they have before and after photos.  Dr. TopicOils Alopecia Repair Balm has consistently worked for women regrowing hair after COVID, after sickness and even after chemotherapy.  YES...10% of our clients are Cancer Survivors who used Dr. TopicOils Alopecia Repair Balm to REGROW their hair. 


Here is what I learned using Dr. TopicOils Alopecia Repair Balm:
1)  A Healthy Scalp Can and Will Grow Hair.
2)  Quality Products Are Best To Keep The Scalp Healthy.
3)  Consistency is Key. It only takes 30-45 Days of consistent hair growth product use to see hair growth using Dr. TopicOils Formulas.  If you have been using a product for 6 months with NO are wasting your money!
4) Not ALL hair can be restored.  If the follicles on the scalp are damaged, potential hair growth may be limited.
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