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Dr. TopicOils: What Causes Hair Loss and Thinning?

Dr. TopicOils, Hair Growth and Genetics
As we get older, the thickness and fullness of our hair are often loss due to genetics.  Take a look at your parents' hair.  Is is thick throughout their old age?  Did it start to grey at a certain time?  Is their hair thinning now or showing signs of fragility?
Our hair growth patterns usually follow that of our parents. If our mom or dad had thinned hair as adults, we often share those same hair experiences.
Other Culprits That Lead To Thinning...
  • Medications: Many prescriptions can cause our hair to shed and come out in handfuls! Make sure that you check the side effects of your medications to see if 'hair loss' is a listed as a side effect.
  • Slow Hair Growth: Some of us feel like we have always had slow growing hair.  I have heard many women say, "My hair just won't grow!"  We believe that if your scalp is hair will grow.  Try Dr. TopicOils Alopecia Repair Balm
  • Thinning Hair:  Some people have very thin hair on their scalps.  The hair does not completely cover their scalps.  Those with thinning hair often use hair fibers or spray in hair color to cover their scalp.  Try Dr. TopicOils Hats Away For Male Pattern Baldness!
  • Sparse Edges and Bald Spots:  Many people can not remember ever having full edges or a healthy hairline.  They feel like they have always had edges that needed to be "combed over" or hidden.  Try Dr. TopicOils Edge Miracle Serum!
I know that it is embarrassing to have thinning hair or hair that does not seem to grow no matter what you do. I have been there too!  Lots of us have used spray in hair color, shake in hair fibers, wigs, hair pieces, and hair extensions to hide our scalps.  Let me be the 1st to say...YOU ARE NOT ALONE. You have no reason to be ashamed! You have found a safe place to ask questions and find natural hair growth solutions.
We ALL Want The Same Things...
  1. WE WANT...Products that work. The product needs to do what it says that it will do.
  2. WE WANT...Customer service should be interactive and available if we have problems or questions.
  3. WE WANT...The value should be reasonable for the products that are being delivered. We all work very hard for every single dollar, so pricing is always important.
  4. WE WANT...Ease of use. If products are difficult to use, they become an inconvenience.  Once products become inconvenient to use, we feel like the product is a waste of our time and money.  By that time, we have lost faith in the product.  Products should be easy to use and readily available.
Dr. TopicOils provides all-natural hair growth formulas that can be used to regrow edges and bald spots, thicken hairlines and restore hair growth.  We are here to provide reliable all-natural hair growth and hair care solutions WHILE we educate our clients about ideal ways to keep a healthy growing head of hair.  We are here to support you along your healthy hair growth journey!

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