Dr. TopicOils: What Causes Hair Loss and Thinning?

The thickness and fullness of our hair change as we get older.  Hair loss is often due to genetics and scalp health.  Let's talk about genetics 1st. Did your parents experience hair loss? How old were they when they started to notice thinning: Age 20? Age 30? Age 40?  Did they do anything or use any products to try to decrease their hair loss?  Reminder: Your hair growth may follow the same growth & fullness patterns as our parents.
■ Early Intervention Is Very Important ■
  • Other Culprits That Lead To Thinning 
  1. Medications: Many prescriptions can cause hair shedding!  Sometimes, hair can come out in handfuls. That can be very stressful!  Make sure that you check the side effects of your medications to know if 'hair loss' is a listed as a side effect.  This type of hair loss is reversible.
  2. Scalp Health & Optimal Nutrients:  Some clients feel that they have always had issues with slow growing hair.  Chemical burns on the scalp and poor nutrient delivery to the follicles can both contribute to slow growing hair.  I have heard many women say, "My hair just won't grow!"  We disagree.  We believe that if your scalp is healthy...your hair will grow.  Try Dr. TopicOils Alopecia Repair Balm! *Contains Sulfur
  3. Thinning Hair:  Have you noticed that you are starting to see your scalp through your hair? That is one of the 1st signs that you are experiencing thinning.  Even if you do not see excessive hair on the floor in the shower, you still could have hair loss.  If you have used hair fibers or spray in hair color to cover their scalp, Do Not Wait to seek help.  Your hair loss cycle has already begun.  Stop Thinning Hair Now!
  4. Sparse Edges and Hairlines: Globally, millions of people suffer with fragile, thinned edges and hairlines.  Friction alopecia and tension alopecia are two of the main causes of hair loss around the hairline.  Most people do not know that there are natural formulas that actually work to restore and fill in edges and hairlines.  As soon as you notice thinning, use Dr. TopicOils Nutritive Scalp.Elixir Growth Kit!
  5. Emotional Stress: Emotional life situations can cause you to experience hair loss: childbirth, career responsibilities, health concerns, family stressors, financial instability and daily anxiety/stress. Hair loss can be embarrassing. Hair Loss can cause you to be depressed.  Research has confirmed that hair loss can lead to low self-esteem and a decreased desire to be social.  I know exactly how that feels because I have experienced hair loss too.  YOU ARE NOT ALONE. 
We ALL Want The Same Things...
  • Quality, Natural Formulas Without Cancer-Causing Preservatives (i.e, methylparaben, propylparaben, butylparaben or ethylparaben)
  • We want to understand why we are experiencing Hair Loss. We want to Feel Supported during the hair regrowth process. We want a Hair Growth Cheerleader!
  • We want a Money Back Guarantee if the restorative hair growth process does not work.
Dr. TopicOils provides all-natural hair growth formulas that you can trust! #DrTopicOils #Alopecia #NaturalHairCare

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