Dr. TopicOils: What do YOU want in a NATURAL HAIR GROWTH FORMULA?




Dr. TopicOils spoke to over 300 women about what they would like to have in a Natural Hair Growth System.  Here is what YOU said...

1) I Want A Hair Growth Formulas that WORKS.   It should do what it says!

2) I do not want to take anything by mouth. No pills and medicines!

3) I want Natural Hair Growth Products that are Gluten Free, Nut Free and Vegan.

4) I want a product that is made by a professional or a scientist.  I am tired of getting products that are made by people in their kitchens that just don't work

5)  I want a Money Back Guarantee if it does not work.

6) I need a Scalp Care Calendar to help me to track treatment days.

7) I would like to have everything that I need in 1 kit. I don't want to buy some tool that I will need later.  Just include everything in a kit.

8) I want to talk to somebody who is trained and knowledgable. 

9) I want to have my questions answered.  I have lots of question about my hair loss.

10)  I need support as I go through this hair growth journey.  I want to talk to a PERSON...not a recording!  Hair loss has been so emotional for me.  I really need that support!


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